With a special focus on clients who want to invest, or have recently invested in Guyana, we at London House Corporate Services take the enthusiastic view that Guyana is a bona-fide emerging market. Guyana, the only English speaking country in South America, with its vast natural resources and desire to succeed, is uniquely poised for rapid growth. Additionally, the promise of oil and gas in Guyana, as well as the growth in the mining and communications sector, act as cornerstones for our growth potential. London House Corporate Services has a wealth of international and first world experience that complement the needs of foreign and institutional investors looking to invest in Guyana. Our clients choose us because they can trust our objective, experienced and practical advice. Our founding partner has worked with some of the leading law firms and has represented some of the largest companies. We serve a large number of the leading local, regional, and international companies that do business in Guyana, and are proud of the key role that we play in helping new enterprises to grow and international companies to enter the Guyanese business arena.

We provide corporate services to our local and international client base looking to form and structure the following entities:

  • Domestic Companies
  • International Banks
  • International Business Companies
  • International Societies with Restricted Liability
  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Exempt Insurance Companies
  • Qualifying Insurance Companies
  • Registration of External Companies

London House Corporate Services, through its subsidiary Raminco, also acts as the exclusive agent and representative of many leading foreign companies doing business in Guyana, providing a trusted and responsive platform from which those companies can work.

Our ancillary services include but are not limited to:

Asset and Property Management: London House Corporate Services offers clients a platform to buy, sell or manage local assets. Specifically, our team is able to sell, acquire or manage your commercial and residential real estate, including collecting rents, paying outgoings including rates and taxes, water rates and all related governmental charges, negotiating new leases or lease renewals, maintaining your property, interacting with and managing tenants, and maximising your rate of return.

Cross Border Advice and Collaboration: We are the only law firm in Guyana that has multiple dual-qualified resident counsels that can actively practice in more than one jurisdiction. This allows us to maintain legal and corporate synergy with our Caribbean, North American, and European peers. Clients coming to our offices for advice often leave with new-found business partners. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

Due Diligence: We offer comprehensive due diligence services, including asset searches, corporate records searches, property searches, and related encumbrance searches, tax return retrievals, and all other related public record searches. Additionally, our attorneys are able to offer tangible advice on the history of the target asset, relying on an extensive “human” network.

Expert Services: London House Corporate Services has an extensive regional and international professional network which makes it uniquely placed to service almost any need of our clients. If we are unable to properly advise you, chances are, we know a qualified professional who can.

General Corporate Services: We actively represent clients active in all sections of commerce, manufacturing, maritime, real estate, banking, environmental, and other business areas of Guyana. We offer a full range of corporate services tailored to meet the needs of our most sophisticated clients.

Investment Advice: We recognise that investing in emerging markets requires keen attention to detail, a fast response, and ironclad advice. London House Corporate Services takes a risk adverse view, resting on its attorneys’ wealth of international experience, and is able to properly advise clients looking to invest or expand in Guyana.

Legal Services: Our Corporate Services department works closely with our legal department to thoroughly and efficiently provide for the needs of our clients.

Real Estate: We are able to assist you in acquiring or marketing your property. We understand that this is your most valuable asset and offer a one-stop shop experience with professionals you can trust. Using our extensive network of professionals and clients, we are able to effectively and quickly market your property either locally or overseas to the highest bidder, providing valuations, title and encumbrance searches; advising on contracts for sale or purchase; performing all due diligence; assisting with administrative, governmental and compliance matters; as well as handling all financing needs.

Record Retrieval Services: We offer the retrieval of all public records of public and private companies and individuals, including audited reports, corporate records, intellectual property records, tax records, and real estate records. We are able to quickly navigate Guyana’s complex government and municipal record storage system, including those located at the Deeds and Lands Registry, as well as conduct searches of all Patents and Trademarks.

Tax Advice: London House Corporate Services works closely with tax professionals at the “Big Four” in Guyana and Trinidad to assist its clients with their every need.